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18/03/18 Version 1.51

New database behind the scenes.

New points system - all about engagement, even if it is with questions already done.

Staff now have the capability of controlling more using "Admin control" under "Class lists" - resetting progress data, resetting engagement points, removing "Deleted" and also the clean slate.

10/01/18 Version 1.49

Nothing major to report. A few issues have been fixed including the time for a question coming up as "12.3" rather than "12.30" or "12:30".

07/01/18 Version 1.48

A change to the answer for "What is the land area of Jakarta?".

26/06/17 Version 1.47

Nothing major to report. A few issues have been fixed including "Tropic of Capricorn is 23.5 degrees SOUTH of the equator".

16/06/17 Version 1.46

Fixed an issue that resulted in the app crashing when viewing pdf reports.

Fixed an issue with editing your profile - the allowed characters for passwords and emails now match login or password retrieval restrictions.

04/07/17 Version 1.11

- Massively reduced the file size on mobile and tablet devices.

- Feed forward activities have now been incorporated into the gap analysis tool. This also means that the gap analysis template uploader has been redeveloped to incorporate this feature.

- In 'Do it' activities, selecting the image now enlarges it.

12/06/17 Version 1.0

- Began development.

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